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About BmorePoly

In a world of separation, we are about connection. BmorePoly is a social group open to anyone in the DC/MD/VA area interested in a range of honest sex-positive and people-positive alternative community and relationship possibilities including polyamory, lifestyle, kink, sacred sexuality, community building, personal growth, and the crossover between them all, where the people directly involved are the ones who decide what's okay there, in honest and mutually consenting communication with everyone else involved. It's all about options, and knowing that you have the right to make the choices that work for you.

BmorePoly isn't just Baltimore, and it isn't just poly. It's a social and community group that spans the entire DC/MD/VA area with over 50 get-togethers a month for people good with any of a wide range of forward looking relationship styles. We appreciate the common ground and cross-pollination.

It's the connections without the labels. Adults of all genders, sexual orientations or relationship status are welcome. It's the largest such group in the Mid-Atlantic.

We have social events like hikes, parties, winery trips, dinners, and discussion salons, as well as sex-positive gatherings, workshops, and activities. Plus whatever other fun stuff we can dream up. Most are free or nearly so, this is a social group, we're not selling anything :)

There are many kinds of activities including a women's group, parents group, TNG (under 35) group, three different sex-positive book groups (Baltimore, DC, and NoVA), tantra events, play events, bowling events, and everything in between. We think all sorts of things are more fun to do with other people who Get It.

BmorePoly began in Baltimore but it's grown tremendously since then and is now the largest such group in the DC/MD/VA area, with events from Virginia to DC to all over Maryland, and sometimes beyond. It's now more "Be More" than Bmore :)

Our touchstones are honesty, clear communications, being good to each other, and mutual respect. Everyone's path is different, but we can all learn from each other. And have fun while we're doing it!

If this sounds like something you'd enjoy please join us! Our calendar is at meetup.com/BmorePoly.


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